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Saamme markkinoinnin maistumaan ja yrityksesi loistamaan!

Graphical design


When you need marketing material or graphical design, we can help. We are a marketing agency specialized in visual communication.
we deliver fast and with an attitude of exellence!

If you wonder about our name - Valokki is a finnish word and it means cloudberry. Valokki is the way we work - we want you to shine! We dream of good looking companies that just look tasteful.


Valokki Design is a graphic design company based in Oulu, specializing in graphic design and visual communication. We work throughout the world remotely in the tasks of a graphic designer. We help with your marketing communications, so you can take care of your ideas and concentrate on what is the most important tasks for you. We take care of either individual small projects or larger entities. For example, we take care of logo design, web sites and the company's basic materials (business cards, powerpoint, newsletter templates) and we take care of the whole. photos and brand guidelines office design.

Typically, our customers are small companies or large companies that already have an existing look, but there is a need to get visual material to support sales and marketing. We often design exhibition materials, brochures, roll-ups, business cards, customer magazines, and social media materials. We also carry out design of web pages and design and manage newsletters.

We can work in Finnish, English and Swedish languages. We are interested in projects such as brands within the fields of nature, traveling, clothing, makeup, fashion, health and beauty.

How do we implement our graphic design in various projects?

If your needs are to renew a lot of material at once, you can agree on monthly invoicing, and if you need a new logo and a website, you will agree on the project price. We work on projects in graphic design, with marketing and HR teams, and in assistant work in corporate marketing. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee at work and if you are not satisfied, you will get your money back.

Graphical design examples

  • logo design

  • business cards

  • broshures

  • illustrations

  • websites with Squarespace

  • infographs

  • presentations

  • flyers

  • rollups

  • marketing material for social media


  • building your brand

  • website updates and content

  • help If you are going to start your own business online

  • content and design of newsletters

  • social media content

  • marketing assistant

  • creating content

  • event marketing

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